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looking for souvenirs?

Hi.  As for me,  giving or got some souvenirs much better than gifts,  I don’t know maybe it’s just me. Well yeah the cheapest souvenir is also souvenir, non? Mostly,  people giving souvenirs for their beloved ones whether family or friends or their partner as a reminder to them as …

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Be happy

Hi At the first,  I don’t know  why ‘Be Happy’ for my entry this time. That’s so random  duhh. I know  I’ve been  MIA for the long way ago and I’m sorry. I am. It’s all writer block fault,  why he always came to me when I don’t need him …

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Follow Blogs

Hai Selalu kalau baca entri dari satu blog and lepas tu klik entri lain pulak lepas tu rasa best je blog tu and terus rasa nak follow blog tu. Salah satu sebab adalah entri yang best and funny and amazing untuk buat I rasa worth untuk follow blog tu. And …

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Year One

Hi everyone. Mija Blur turns one today, it’s have been a year since I made this blog, thank you so much to you, you and you who sticking around this blog since beginning. This blog would be nothing without you guys. Thanks a lot people. Ahh well this post should be …

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