Our Objectives & Action Plans

A Public Talk for Youths at NUS High, Singapore

“Sex, Love & Youth”,  the importance of making the right choices,  Audience :  approx 600 youths

  • To help build and develop a Caring Community of Teachers, Parents, Professionals, Community Leaders and  Life-Long Learners of Character Development;


  • To help Schools create a Culture for Caring, Character & 21st Century Skills; and 


  • To creatively use every phase of school, family, work and business life to teach and learn values.


A Parenting Talk at Spring Singapore :  Audience approx 400

Our Institute aims to serve in the following way :


  • to offer world-class Seminars and Teachers Certifications;


  • to conduct other Courses that are related directly or Indirectly to the building of Character, Morals and Ethics (such as Teachers’ Education,  Certification Coaching Courses,  Hands-On Gardening,  Certification Courses for forthcoming Green Jobs;  


  • To serve as a High-Quality Information-Rich Web presence for worldwide audiences who are interested in learning more about Character Building skills;       


  • to continuously and proactively consolidate useful websites, excellent reading materials and tools, making them available on this portal for all teachers, parents, students and professionals who are interested in raising Ethical standards;


  • to provide free top-notch Public Talks to Parents, Youths and the General Public on a yearly basis;


  • to organize creative and effective activities that can help kids, youths and adults re-ignite their Love for Learning.  To provide networking opportunities that will allow them to interact and share important life lessons as well as to help re-develop their faith in Goodness;  and


  • to provide a Resource Center whereby people can purchase Excellent Books, Worksheets, Inspiring Stories, Resource Guides, Publicity Materials, Gifts and Gadgets which promote Character Building.

Prof Lickona’s visit to CHIJ (Bukit Timah), Singapore

For More Information,

Contact Us : admin@Character-Institute.com  or Phone (65) 6546 5801


 “To educate a person in mind and not in morals

is to educate a menace to society.”

-Theodore Roosevelt