Talking with Kids/Youths about Sex, Love & Character

After hearing Prof  Lickona’s Talk about the importance of Talking with Kids/Youths about Sex & Love,  I cannot help it but to sponsor a Public Talk for our Singapore Youths in 2007,  about 600 Secondary & Junior Colleges came.  

The session didn’t turned out awkward as one would expect.   On the contrary,   the youths were beaming with smiles and cheers for Prof Lickona.

Prof Lickona has proven to all of us in the audience,  that Youths are reasonable people too.   They were impressed by his way of explaining –  with ease,  about  ”chastity’ ,  ”wait until marriage”,  etc.

A teacher once said to Prof Lickona “Because sexual decisions have such important life consequences, a strong home-school partnership—committed to helping our children make wise choices—is nowhere more important than it is in this domain.

We,  parents & educators need to get this right :   “Talking with Kids about Love & Sex” ,  otherwise, all the effort and all the years of bringing up the kid could be ‘ruin’ by just ONE dream-like romance which went wild.


His wonderful Article is so long,  so important that I’d better provide you the full version :