Educating for Character II

Educating for Character II

Toward Good & Smart Schools

2 Add’l Seats Free for each Participant Registered before 18 Jan 2013

Seminar Details

Fee: S$980 per participant
Include: Lunches, Snacks and Seminar Coursebook
Date : 24-25 Jan 2013,  Thu-Fri 2 days
Time/Venue: 9.30am to 5pm,  Tampines Junior College (Venue May Change)

Early Birds Perks :  

2 Add’l Seats Free for each Participant Registered before  18 Jan 2013

1 Inspiration CD : Printer-Ready Posters, Screensavers Quotes, Articles, Forms, etc.

$30 Book Voucher for FIRST 20 Paid Registrations


Seminar Presenter

Professor Thomas Lickona, PhD is the Director of Center of 4th & 5th Rs, Cortland, University of New York.   THE CENTER disseminates articles on что посмотреть в Звенигороде character education, sponsors an annual summer institute in character education, publishes a Fourth and Fifth Rs newsletter, and is building a network of “Fourth and Fifth Rs Schools” committed to teaching respect, responsibility and other core ethical values as the basis of good character.

Dr. Lickona is a Leading Researcher of Moral Development,  he is also popularly known as “Father of Character Education”

Dr. Lickona has appeared on national media and is the recipient of the Character Education Partnership’s “Sandy Award” for Lifetime Achievement in Character Education.


Seminar Topics

The Call to Character   Performance and Moral Challenges
7 Ways to Think about Character
Today’s Adolescents -  Good News and Bad News
Critical Moral Challenges Facing High Schools

Performance Character and Moral Character

Integration of Excellence and Ethics
8 Strength of Character (Development Outcomes)
4 Key Strategies for Developing Performance and Moral Character

Professional Ethical Learning Communities

6 Principles to Getting Faculty and Staff to Collaborate

Ethical Learning Communities

6 Principles to Getting Staff, Students, Parents and the Wider Community Working Together
Fostering the 8 Strengths of Character
Lifelong Learner and Critical Thinker
Diligent and Capable Performer
Socially and Emotionally Skilled Person
Ethical Thinker
Respectful and Moral Agent
Self-Disciplined Person who pursues a healthy Lifestyle
Contributing Community Member and Democratic Citizen
Spiritual Person engaged in Crafting a Life of Noble Purpose

One of many Praises for Professor Lickona

Always an inspiration to me.  This time,  I am further equipped with important tools such as the 4 keys to bring back to my school and make it a point to implement such that it becomes a habit to my pupils.”  Phoebe Ng, Cedar Girls Sec School

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