Creating a School Culture

Creating a School Culture

for Caring, Character & 21st Century Skills & Competencies

2 Add’l Seats Free for each Participant Registered before 20 Jun 2013

Seminar Details

Fee: S$980 per participant
Include: Lunches, Snacks and Seminar Coursebook
Date: 27-28 June 2013  Thur-Fri  2 days
Time/Venue: 9.30am – 5pm,  Tampines Junior College  (may Change Venue)

Early Birds Perks :

2 Add’l Seats Free for each Participant Registered bef  20 June 2013

1  Inspiration CD : Printer-Ready Posters, Screensavers Quotes, Articles, Forms, etc.

$30 Book Voucher for FIRST 20 Paid Registrations


This informative seminar will provide practical tips on how to become an effective catalyst for significant change in people’s attitudes and Creating a Culture of Caring, Ethics & Excellence :

  Incorporate School Values into everyday behavior throughout the school;
  Bring a consistent “Caring & Ethics” language to any school or department; and
  Prepare an Ethical Decision-Making model to guide all Teachers & Students.


For Whom    

This seminar is highly relevant to  all School Administrators, Principals, Directors, Dept Heads, Operations/Management Staff, Curriculum Specialists, Teachers, Instructors, Lecturers, Coaches, Counselors …..anyone who wants to  create a school-wide praiseworthy and Caring Learning Environment so as to bring out the best in people.


Seminar Presenter

Dr. Gary Smit, PhD, is a world renowned authority and guru on Character Development.  He is an excellent international speaker having worked and consulted with global corporations, governments, educational institutions and the US Army. His Character work took him around the best public speaking courses, Europe and Asia.   In US, while serving as Superintendent in suburban Chicago schools he was greatly admired for his leadership and breakthrough in character development education initiatives in schools which had been replicated in local governments, businesses and other organizations


Seminar Topics

Why Trust Matters
Nurturing Workplace & Learning Schools
Identify Common Grounds
Determine Core Ethical Shared Values

Ethical Leadership
Truths about being the Boss
4-keys of Ethical Leadership
Incorporating School Values into everyday behavior

What does Caring & Ethical Culture Look like
Real Challenges in the 21st Century
the Golden Rule
Encouraging Empathy & Communication
Promoting Respectful & Responsible Behavior

A Culture of Caring
Building your School & Classroom Communities
Circles of Belonging
Connecting People and Establishing Relationships
Language, Recognition & Encouragement

Performance & Moral Character
Making Ethical & Exemplary Choices
Deciding Rights from Wrongs
Excellence & Purpose-Driven Work
Systems Thinking

Analyzing your School
School Culture Assessment
Academic,  SEL Learning & 21st Century Skills
Character Development & Physical Well-Being

Affecting your School Culture
Sustaining Cultures of Caring & Excellence
Aligning Ethics and Administrative Practices
Incorporating Curriculum & Hidden Curriculum
Your Personal Action Plans


One of many Praises for Dr Gary Smit, PhD
“I really enjoyed every moment of this course,  the hands-on activities and the thought-provoking questions Gary raised.   He’s really generous to share his slides and notes with us.


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