Unbelievable,    wonderful  in-depth  research in Character Education made available  to you FREE.

We found several  truly dedicated Educators and their sponsoring organizations.

Character Education Handbook & Guide

Free eBook published by Public Schools of North Carolina Lot of Doable Ideas.    You can download both editions from their website :

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Smart & Good High Schools Report

Download HERE :        Be warned :  this is a huge pdf file,  over 200 pages,           Throughout history, and in cultures all over the world, education rightly conceived has had two great goals: to help students become smart and to help them become good. They need character for both. They …

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Values in Action Report

There is a huge project launched in Australia by their Department of Education since 2005,      Implementing the National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools  2006     The final report completed Oct 2010,

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