Educating for Character through Games & Activities

Educating for Character I

Through Games & Activities

Doable Ideas & Fun Activities for the Classrooms

2 Add’l Seats Free for each Participant Registered before  21 Feb 2013

Workshop Details

Fee: S$980 per participant
Include: Lunches, Snacks and Seminar Coursebook
Date: 28 Feb -  1 Mar 2013,  Thurs-Fri  2 days
Time/Venue: 9.30am to 5pm,     Tampines Junior College (may change Venue)

Early Birds Perks :  

2 Add’l Seats Free for each Participant Registered bef  21 Feb 2013

1 Inspiration CD : Printer-Ready Posters, Screensavers Quotes, Articles, Forms, etc.

$30 Book Voucher for FIRST 20 Paid Registrations


Workshop Presenter

Dr. Gary Smit, PhD, is a world renowned authority and guru on Character Development.  He is an excellent international speaker and trainer having worked and consulted with global corporations, governments, educational institution educational institutions and the US Army. His work took  him around the United States, Europe and Asia.
In US, while serving as Superintendent in suburban Chicago schools he was greatly admired for his leadership and breakthrough in character development education initiatives in schools which had been replicated in local governments, businesses and other organizations.


For Whom

Lecturers, Teachers and Corporate Trainers of all levels and subject areas who want to learn how Impactful and reflective Games can be used to invoke deep thinking and learning of important  Life Values.   Many teaching activities will be presented and print-ready worksheets to give away.


Workshop Topics

Why Character Really Matters
  Care, Respect & Gratitude
  Responsibilities, Hardworking
  Honesty, Trustworthiness & Integrity

Games & Activities for Character-Building
  To Promote Self-Reflection
  To develop  Intra-Personal Skills
  To experience “Everyone  Wins”
   To enhance ‘Sense of Belonging’
   Instill Empathy & System Thinking
   To provide opportunities to exercise
    Power of  Good Choices
   To demonstrate the importance of
    consistent Actions through your Heart, Mind
    & Hands

Activities which Encourage
Ethical Reflection
   Temptations & Justifications
   Dealing with Shades of Gray
   Deviation from Fundamental Values

Team Activities  which promote
-  Cooperative Attitudes & Rapport
  Importance of Building Stronger Bonds
  Fostering Caring Beyond the Classroom
  Competitive Vs Cooperative Games
  Experience Team Support  & Team Spirit
  Peer Encouragement
  Making sense of  Winning  & Team Building


One of many Praises for Dr Gary Smit, PhD

“I really enjoyed every moment of this course,  the hands-on activities

and the thought-provoking questions Gary raised.”


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