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Character eVideo

Raising Good Children I Raising Good Children II How To Find Real Love Talking with Kids About Sex,Love & Character Educating for Character By Dr Gary Smit, PhD I Educating for Character By Dr Gary Smit, PhD I Bringing Out the Best in Our Students by Dr Joel Muro …

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Unbelievable,    wonderful  in-depth  research in Character Education made available  to you FREE. We found several  truly dedicated Educators and their sponsoring organizations.

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Important Articles

TOP 100 Articles We know there are simply too many ARTICLES available on the Internet,   what we will do for you is to READ them,  short-list and choose the really good ones,  arrange them such that you can find what you need fast and USE THEM straight away. For the moment,  please enjoy those …

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Inspiring Posters

We have specially prepared for you several wonderful Advert-Free Posters with Character Messages. Please feel free to edit them for your use.      Hope you like them. Do visit us often,  as we will be adding new ones.   Inspiring Posters Download Remarks Starting with Ourselves Excellent Poem – A great reminder that Learning …

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Stories for Teaching

5* 655+ Fables, indexed in table format, with morals listed  Encylopdedia Mythica : over 7000+ mythology, folklore and religion  5*  Hans Christian Anderson : 168 Fairy Tales & Stories Collection  Fables, Fairy Tales, Stories & Nursery Rhymes  Classics for Youth       655+ Fables, indexed in table format, with …

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Success Stories : Character Schools

Lots of  True School Success Stories  for you.   Taken mostly from  Center for the 4th & 5th R’s,   Cortland, State University of New York

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Top 100 Quotes in Powerpoint

Over at Character Institute,  we simply love Inspiring Quotes.  We know many people (including youths) love quotes.    So we compiled and categorized them for you.       A great way to teach Character and infuse these BEAUTIFUL SAYINGs  into our everyday lives.   Hope you will like them.   Do feel free to use them for …

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