Power of Good Conversations

Power of Good Conversations

Effective Dialogues for Connecting, Creating Trust & Building Relationships

2 Additional Seats Free for each Participant Registered before  18 Jan  2013


Seminar Details

Fee: S$980 per participant
Include: Lunches, Snacks and Seminar Coursebook
Date : 21-22 Jan 2013,   Mon-Tue  2 days
Time/Venue: 9.30am to 5pm,   Tampines Junior College (Venue May Change)

Early Birds Perks :  

2 Add’l Seats Free for each Participant Registered before  18 Jan 2013

1 Inspiration CD : Printer-Ready Posters, Screensavers Quotes, Articles, Forms, etc.

$30 Book Voucher for FIRST 20 Paid Registrations


Workshop Presenter

Professor Thomas Lickona, PhD is an award-winning developmental psychologist and educator, best-selling author, marriage and family counselor, mediator, and one of the world’s leading researchers and speakers on character development. Drawing on his forthcoming book, Great Conversation, Dr. Lickona will teach simple and practical tools that can enrich conversations, solve problems, and enhance relationships in every area of life.  Applicable to any setting, including the family, workplace, business, school, and community.  You’ll have opportunities to see Dr. Lickona demonstrate the tools and to practice them yourselves in this highly enjoyable and participatory workshop.

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Workshop Topics

 How to Improve the Quality of Daily Interactions

with Colleagues, Clients, Friends, & Family

How to Start and Sustain a Good Conversation: 

The Art of Asking Thoughtful Questions

25 important Questions People Always Wanted to be Asked  

Making Meaningful Conversation—At Meals, Over Coffee, Anywhere, Anytime

 Creating an Environment

That Brings Out the Best of People

The Power of a Touchstone

 Building a Culture of Excellence and Ethics

The Compact for Excellence :  A Performance-Enhancing Tool for Fostering Best Work and Best Relationships

The Power of the Nudge to Motivate Better Choices

Why Manners Still Matter and How to Promote Them

5 Tips for Maximizing Good Communication in Meetings

The Cross-Cultural Wisdom of Character Quotations

Drawing Personal Inspiration from Quotations

Using Quotations to Create an Environment of Character

Ethical Conversations :  Deciding What’s Right

Differentiating Moral Character and Performance Character

The Universal Stages of Moral Development

How to Talk to People at Each Stage

Questioning  Techniques That Foster Moral Growth

Conversations That Connect Us Emotionally

Sincerity and Credibility

Kindness :  Why Good Things Happen to Good People 

The Power of a Compliment (written or spoken)

Difficult Conversations

How to Listen So Others Feel Understood

How to Solve Conflicts

How to Reduce and Respond to Bad Language

Solution-Based Questioning Methods

Conversations for solving all kinds of problems

Nurturing Conversations with Under-Performing  Colleague, Student or Child

Miracle Questions Techniques

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